The advantage of natural stone

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1)Natural stone stains too easily 

– Many business and homeowners worry that spills and accidents will leave natural stone beyond repair. 

While some staining will occur on any light coloured material, most stains are treatable and these days there are a considerable amount of sealers available that can be applied if you have an area of concern.

2)Natural stone is too expensive

 – Although natural stone is found in a lot of high-end projects, that doesn't mean it is out of reach of modest budgets. 

This is the beauty of TM-STONE natural stone, a natural stone with all that entails without a prohibitive cost. 

Man-made products can come a little cheaper yet the length and durability of these materials need to be considered.

3)Restoring and refinishing stone creates dust and debris 

– Stone restoration is typically a wet process, and is always cleaned up afterward however, even better, 

TM-STONE natural stone which is already in panels for easy application 

PLUS both the Stacked Stone and Ledge Stone ranges comes with corners to enable less cutting required and a clean neat look.


4)Natural stone is delicate and requires too much maintenance 

–Natural stone maintenance is easy and involves little more than routine cleaning nowadays. 

Ask the expert team at your local retail store that supplies TM-Stone for suggestions.

5)Natural stone is out of style and not modern 

– Natural stone is timeless. Many modern techniques are integrating natural stone into more fashionable designs, and most of these styles are timeless classics however do consider that every single piece of natural stone is unique, so natural stone actually provides more individuality than other materials.

6)Natural stone is slippery and unsafe 

– Natural stone is just that 

— natural. Modern sealants can give you a natural finish that is waterproof and provides plenty of traction.


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